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Watch this video and more on Mark Lauren On Demand


Back Lying to Kneeling (DE)


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  • Level 1 Inch Worm to Step Up (DE)

    4 Einzelstack mit 4 Wiederholungen pro Übung

    Long Kneeling Warm Up

    Stack 1: Dirty Dogs, Bloomers, Stork Stance
    Stack 2: Hip Circles, Deep Squats, Gate Swing
    Stack 3: Pointers, Bloomers, Cross Step
    Stack 4: Straight Wide Leg, Deep Squats, Stork Stance

  • Level 1 Crawling to Lunging (DE)

    4 Single Stacks mit 4 Wiederholungen
    Warm Up- Short Kneeling

    Stack 1 (starts 4:21)
    Hip Circles
    Starfish Twist
    Short Kneeling
    Stepping Lunges with arms at T

    Stack 2 (09:00)
    Dirty Dogs
    Starfish Twist
    Side Lunges

    Stack 3 (13:13)
    Straight Wide Leg
    Starfish Push Up
    Tipsy Step

    Stack 4 (17:56)

  • Side Lying to Lunging (DE)

    Warm Up- High Knee March

    Stack 1
    Ipsi Step Grab
    S Reach
    Forward Lunge

    Stack 2
    Snow Angels
    Hip Circles
    Heel Grab Under
    Saxon Tilt
    Backward Lunge

    Stack 3
    Arm Swings
    ITB Leg Lifts
    Heel Grab Around
    Vertical Twist
    Open Lunge

    Cool Down- Rolling