You Are Your Own Gym Vol. 2

You Are Your Own Gym Vol. 2

6 Seasons

This is volume II of the bestselling You Are Your Own Gym DVD set. The moves are more functional, and the overall intensity is slightly lower. With 9 workouts for 3 levels, this program is a great option for adding fun variety to your schedule. We use these training sessions in the Daily Workouts.

For a schedule that uses only YAYOG vol. II, click here-

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You Are Your Own Gym Vol. 2
  • YAYOG 2 - Warm Up

    Episode 1

    Kneeling Hip Hinges
    Double Kneeling Twists and Tilts
    Prone to Forward Reach
    Ankle Circles
    Treading Water
    Scorpion Kicks
    Single Kneeling Tilts and Twists
    Head Circles

  • YAYOG 2 - Cool Down

    Episode 2

    Childs Pose
    Pigeon Stretch
    Z Stretch
    Straddle Reach