You Are Your Own Gym 3-DVD Set

You Are Your Own Gym 3-DVD Set

4 Seasons

9 workouts with 3 levels of difficulty- Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Start with the Novice Workouts. Once you can do all exercises with good form, move on to the next level.

Use the dropdown menu to find all the workouts.

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You Are Your Own Gym 3-DVD Set
  • Advanced Timed Sets

    Episode 1

    Workout starts at 05:15

    Star Jumpers
    Half Dive Bombers
    Side V ups
    Hip Raisers

  • Advanced Ladders

    Episode 2

    Workout starts at- 05:15

    Front Lunges
    One legged Warriors
    Dive Bombers
    Thumbs Up

  • Advanced Circuit Training

    Episode 3

    Workout starts at 08:37

    Iron Mikes
    Bouncing Push Ups
    Jack Knives
    One legged Hip Raisers