Where to Start

  • Where to Start

  • Prep Program
    8 seasons

    Prep Program

    8 seasons

    If you're totally new to exercise or haven't trained in a long time, begin with the Prep Program: https://marklauren.com/prep-schedule/

    This 8 week program combines Bodyweight Rehab, Bodyweight Training 2.0 and the YAYOG workouts to develop the athletic skills most important to your long term ...

  • The 90-Day Challenge (HIIT)

    4 seasons

    Training plan: https://marklauren.com/90-day-schedule/ - If you already exercise regularly and consider yourself to be in decent shape, start your MLOD journey here. This program is for our beginners. You’ll get leaner and stronger with just 3-4 short workouts per week that progress thru 3 levels...

  • Tutorials
    5 seasons


    5 seasons