Warm Ups/Cool Downs

Warm Ups/Cool Downs

2 Seasons

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Warm Ups/Cool Downs
  • 90-Day Cool Down

    Episode 1

    Z Stretch
    Straddle Stretch
    Scorpion Stretch

  • 90-Day Cool Down B

    Episode 2

    Short Kneeling Twist and Reach
    Step Elbow Drop
    Indian Style Reach

  • EFX- Cool Down

    Episode 3

    This Cool Down incorporates passive and isometric stretching to facilitate recovery.

    Scorpion Twist
    Double Kneeling Front Reach
    Single Kneeling Hamstring Stretch
    Straddle Reach
    Z-Sit and Pigeon Complex

  • YAYOG- Cool Down

    Episode 4

    Quadricep Stretch
    Hamstring Stretch
    Back Stretch
    Glute Stretch
    Twisting Stretch

  • YAYOG 2- Cool Down

    Episode 5

    Childs Pose
    Pigeon Stretch
    Z Stretch
    Straddle Reach

  • Focus 15- Cool Down

    Episode 6

    Z Stretch Complex
    Scorpion Twist
    Straddle Reach

  • ST - Cool Down

    Episode 7

    T Arm Stretch
    V Column Side Stretch
    Hamstring Stretch
    Lunging Arm Hang

  • Rehab Back Lying Exercises (single)

    Episode 8

    Single Stack with 8 Reps

    T Arm Reach
    Knee & Hip Extension
    Pull Over
    Windshield Wiper
    Cross Body Draw
    Figure 4

  • Rehab Front Lying Exercises (single)

    Episode 9

    Single Stack with 8 Reps

    T Arm Crawl
    Abductor Slide
    Y Arm Crawl
    Glute Blaster
    Scorpion Kick

  • Rehab Side Lying Exercises (single)

    Episode 10

    Single Stack with 8 Reps

    Workout starts 02:50
    Arm Circles
    Hip Circles
    Snow Angels
    Arm Swings
    ITB Leg Lifts

  • Swimming Circuit 1

    Episode 11

    1 Complex with 3 exercises

    Rehab Pull Overs
    Snow Angels
    Pelvic Tilt

  • Cool Down

    Episode 12