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  • Parallel Leg Crunch

    Muscles being trained- abs, hips flexors, serratus, shoulders, quads, shin muscles

  • Pelvic Tilt

    Front to back pelvic tilting for better control of the arch in the lower back. Got lower back pain? Try this one.

  • Pistol Squat

    Deep one-legged squats are possibly the best butt exercise ever invented. Combine this one with glutei hip ups for an exceptional leg and hip workout.

  • Prone Scorpion Kick

    Chest and hip flexor stretch with rotation around the spine for a full body stretch and warm up.

  • Prone S Reach

    If your stiff and sit a lot, you need this exercise! It's a tough one for a lot of people, but the pay off is incredible, especially if you have upper back and neck pain.

  • Pullover

    This old classic exercises is also known as the King of Upper Body Exercises, because it builds your chest, lats, triceps, core, and glutes. A favorite!

  • Push Up

    This classic movement builds your core, chest, shoulders, and triceps.

  • Rehab Pull Over

    Improved shoulder and thoracic spine mobility for better overhead arm positioning. Great for swimmers and people that sit too much.

  • Rollout

    For a rock hard core that's stable and injury resistant, this abdominal exercise is second to none.

  • S2S Reaching

    Improves hip and shoulder stability, head positioning, and coordination with rhythmic side-to-side weight shifting combined with lateral reaching.

  • Single Arm Reach

    Single Arm Reach: shoulders, scapular muscles, spinal erectors, core, glutes, lats, triceps, forearms

  • Snow Angel

    A good stretch from opposing hip to shoulder with rotation around the spine. A great warm up exercise for just about any activity and to relieve stress from too much sitting.

  • Spinal Alignment

    The most important athletic function needed for better performance and injury resistance is keeping your spine in proper alignment. Here we teach you how with a simple progression for learning the basics.

  • Starfish Twist

    Develop full body stability while improving your ability to fully rotate around your spine for better force production during sports and relieve of back pain.

  • Slow and Fast Swimmers

    Swimmers: spinal erectors, neck, core, shoulders, scapular muscles, butt, hamstrings

  • Straight Wide Leg

    Build your butt while improving control of hip rotation. Strong glutes are essential for all activities, as is your ability to keep your hips properly aligned.

  • Streamline Deadlift and Romanian Deadlift

    These exercises lengthen and strengthen your calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, core, spinal erectors, lats, and triceps.

  • Streamline Romanian Deadlift to T-arm Squat

    Full Body Exercise

    This exercises strengthens and lengthens your entire body, head to toes. This transition between a bending and squatting movement is a very common movement that we use in our daily lives. Next time you sit in a chair, pay attention to your movement. You'll see that it isn't j...

  • Streamline Twist

    Shoulder and thoracic spine mobility with rotation around the spine. Great for swimmers and generally improving posture.