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Need tips for doing pulling exercises at home?
Horizontal pulling exercises - https://www.marklauren.com/blog/tutorials/let-me-ups/
Vertical pulling exercises - https://www.marklauren.com/blog/tutorials/pull-ups/

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  • Tutorial- Bulgarian Split Squat

    Episode 1

    Strengthen and lengthen your entire body with this incredible full body leg exercise. Great for all athletes and people that sit a lot.

  • Tutorial- Pistol Squat

    Episode 2

    Deep one-legged squats are possibly the best butt exercise ever invented. Combine this one with glutei hip ups for an exceptional leg and hip workout.

  • Tutorial- Glute Hip Up

    Episode 3

    Loosen your hip flexors while strengthening and building your butt. Great for any activity!

  • Tutorial- Straight Wide Leg

    Episode 4

    Build your butt while improving control of hip rotation. Strong glutes are essential for all activities, as is your ability to keep your hips properly aligned.

  • Tutorial- Lateral Squat

    Episode 5

    This squatting exercise will improve control of unwanted hip and spine rotation while moving side-to-side. Sports performance is largely about efficiency, which this exercise improves by eliminating unnecessary rotation.

  • Tutorial: Dynamic Squat

    Episode 6

    Dynamic Squats: glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, shin muscles, spinal erectors, core

  • Tutorial: Speed Squats

    Episode 7