3 Seasons

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  • Breathing

    Episode 1

    Our most immediate and essential source of energy is the air we breathe. Learn how to coordinate your movements for far greater efficiency and overall awareness. There's definitely something special about getting your breathing right!

  • Controlling Hip Rotation (And Why Its Important)

    Episode 2

    To efficiently get from one place to another- whether for walking, running, or swimming- requires we neutrally align our hips. That means controlling hip rotation to keep our knees and toes pointing straight ahead. Learn how!

  • Get your hips into it!

    Episode 3

    Effectively absorbing and generating significant amounts of force requires getting our hips involved. It's pretty simple. Learn how.

  • Spinal Alignment

    Episode 4

    The most important athletic function needed for better performance and injury resistance is keeping your spine in proper alignment. Here we teach you how with a simple progression for learning the basics.