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3 Seasons

We update this collection regularly with new tutorials. If you have a request, leave a comment under any of the videos!

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  • Pointers

    Episode 1

  • Glute Hip Up

    Episode 2

    Loosen your hip flexors while strengthening and building your butt. Great for any activity!

  • Straight Wide Leg

    Episode 3

    Build your butt while improving control of hip rotation. Strong glutes are essential for all activities, as is your ability to keep your hips properly aligned.

  • Up and Over

    Episode 4

    Develop long straight posture while keeping your hips, knees, and feet aligned for better sports performance.

  • ITB Kickout

    Episode 5

    Full body core exercise to improve control of spine and hip rotation for better walking and running mechanics.

  • Dead Bug

    Episode 6

    Prevent and relieve lower back pain with this core exercise by learning how to prevent pelvic tilting which affects the arch in your lower back.

  • Windshield Wiper

    Episode 7

    Core exercise that improves rotation around the spine and control of the hips so you can more freely generate force while running, striking, and throwing.