• 1-Legged Box Squat

  • 4-Count

    This exercise develops stamina, strength, and mobility head to toes, especially when done correctly. Try sets of 12 reps throughout the day to get your blood flowing.

  • A-Frame

    Break up long days of sitting by playing around with this exercise. Keep it light and fluffy!

  • Bent Leg Crunch

    Primary Muscles: abs, hip flexors, serratus

    Primary Function: improve control of posture and hip rotation
    Secondary Function: Improved shoulder mobility

  • Breathing

    Our most immediate and essential source of energy is the air we breathe. Learn how to coordinate your movements for far greater efficiency and overall awareness. There's definitely something special about getting your breathing right!

  • Bulgarian Split Squat

    Strengthen and lengthen your entire body with this incredible full body leg exercise. Great for all athletes and people that sit a lot.

  • Chin Up

    Get that V-shape body and improved posture with this pulling exercise to develop you lats, biceps, and forearms.

  • Controlling Hip Rotation (And Why Its Important)

    To efficiently get from one place to another- whether for walking, running, or swimming- requires we neutrally align our hips. That means controlling hip rotation to keep our knees and toes pointing straight ahead. Learn how!

  • Cross Body Draw

    Improve shoulder and thoracic spine mobility for better head positioning and relieve of neck pain

  • Dead Bug

    Prevent and relieve lower back pain with this core exercise by learning how to prevent pelvic tilting which affects the arch in your lower back.

  • Dynamic Squat

    Dynamic Squats: glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, shin muscles, spinal erectors, core

  • Dynamic Squat with a Twist

    Dynamic Squats with a Twist: glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, shin muscles, spinal erectors, core

  • Get your hips into it!

    Effectively absorbing and generating significant amounts of force requires getting our hips involved. It's pretty simple. Learn how.

  • Glute Hip Up

    Loosen your hip flexors while strengthening and building your butt. Great for any activity!

  • Hitch Hiker

    Shoulder and thoracic spine mobility for better head positioning and arm swing mechanics while walking, running, striking, and throwing.

  • ITB Kickout

    Full body core exercise to improve control of spine and hip rotation for better walking and running mechanics.

  • Jack Knives

    Jack Knives: abs, obliques, serratus, hip flexors, shin muscles, shoulders, neck, mid back, quads

  • Lateral Squat

    This squatting exercise will improve control of unwanted hip and spine rotation while moving side-to-side. Sports performance is largely about efficiency, which this exercise improves by eliminating unnecessary rotation.

  • Let Me Ups

    How to do pulling exercises at home: https://marklauren.com/blog/tutorials/let-me-ups/

    Let Me Up: lats, rear delts, biceps, forearms, spinal erectors, glutes, abs, hamstrings
    Tripod Let Me Ups: lats, read delts, biceps, forearms, spinal erectors, glutes, abs, hamstrings, hip flexors, hip abduct...

  • Military Press

    A great shoulder and triceps exercise that also stretches your hamstrings.