The 90-Day Challenge (HIIT)

The 90-Day Challenge (HIIT)

4 Seasons

Training plan: - If you already exercise regularly and consider yourself to be in decent shape, start your MLOD journey here. This program is for our beginners. You’ll get leaner and stronger with just 3-4 short workouts per week that progress thru 3 levels of difficulty.

Start with the Level 1 Evaluation (Eval), and then check the training schedule for your next workout. You’ll have plenty more chances to upgrade. Focus on good technique! The hardest part is showing up. Workouts include warm up and cool down.

Every Eval Workout you can evaluate your level. If you can perform all exercises in good form, and hit the targeted repetitions you can move onto the next level. If these workouts are too hard for you, begin with the Prep Program-

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The 90-Day Challenge (HIIT)
  • 90 Day Intro

    Episode 1

    This program combines high intensity interval training with orthopedically correct movement to get you lean, muscular, and athletic with just 3-4 short workouts a week, injury free.

    Download your 90-Day Training Schedule

    Your first workout is Eval Lev...

  • 90 Day Warm Up

    Episode 2

    Hip Circles
    Snow Angels
    Step Kickout
    Saxon Tilt

  • 90 Day Cool Down

    Episode 3

    Z Stretch
    Straddle Stretch
    Scorpion Stretch