Workout for Swimmers (moderate)

Workout for Swimmers (moderate)

3 Seasons

⏱ 50 min

This workout is made up of the 3 circuits that each have 3 exercises. Each exercise improves one of the below functions to make you a better swimmer:

Function A: thoracic spine (mid spine) extension
Function B: thoracic spine rotation
Function C: front to back pelvic tiling

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Workout for Swimmers (moderate)
  • SATURDAY: Swimming Circuit 1

    Episode 1

    Easy. Mobility Training for Hips, Spine, and Shoulders.

    Warm Up: Low Knee March

    Rehab Pull Overs
    Snow Angels
    Pelvic Tilt

    Cool Down: Hip Rolls

  • Swimming Circuit 2

    Episode 2

    1 Complex with 3 Exercises
    Equipment: bench and dumbbell (optional)

    Prone S Reach
    Prone Scorpion Kick
    Pullovers (this exercise can be replaced with pull ups)

  • Swimming Circuit 3

    Episode 3

    1 Complex with 3 Exercises
    Equipment: ab roller or towel on smooth floor

    Roll Outs
    Cross Body Draw
    Streamline Twist