Strength Training for Runners

Strength Training for Runners

3 Seasons

⏱ 50 min

This workout is made up of the 3 circuits that each have 3 exercises. Each exercise improves one of three functions below to make you a better runner:

Exercise A: improve ankle mobility for better foot strikes
Exercise B: increase flexibility mid thigh to mid torso to lengthen stride
Exercise C: correct head positioning and spinal alignment for better arm swing mechanics

Complex 1
Dive Bombers
Hitch Hikers

Complex 2
ITB Kickout
S2S Reach
Saxon Tilt

Complex 3
Streamline RDL
T Arm Squat
Back Lunge

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Strength Training for Runners
  • Full Body Ladders with Swimmer 3

    Episode 1

    Warm Up (starts 1:47)

    Upper Body Ladder (starts 11:55)
    Let Me Ups and Push Ups

    Lower Body Circuit (starts 15:40)
    Streamline RDL's
    Back Lunge with Twist
    T Arm Squat

    Cool Down

  • Pistol Squat Ladder with Runner 1

    Episode 2

    Equipment: Chair or bench, light weight (optional)

    Warm Up: Cross Steps with Side Kicks

    Pistol Squat Ladder (12:00)
    Running Complex 1 (17:10)
    Dive Bombers
    Hitch Hikers
    Scorpion Kicks

    Cool Down: Straddle Steps with Table Tops (29:20)