Strength Training Program (hard) OLD

Strength Training Program (hard) OLD

12 Seasons

Full Body Strength Training
⏱ 20-45 min
📆 3-5 x per week, 10 weeks

How to do pulling exercises:

Weeks 1-6 have 3 strength training days per week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with optional active recovery Tuesday and Thursday.
Weeks 7-10 have 4 strength training days per week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with optional active recovery on Wednesday.

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Strength Training Program (hard) OLD

    Episode 1

    Workout starts at 02:45

    Warm Up: Jumping Jacks

    Side Lunge with Glute Hip Up
    Contra Press with Hitch Hiker
    Negative Pull Up with Single Arm Cuff
    Mountain Climber with Side V-up

    Cool Down: Hip Rolls

    How to do Pull Ups at home:


    Episode 2

    10 x 10 sec. sets with 10 sec. rest intervals per exercise

    Warm Up: 2.0 Back Lying Exercises

    Workout Begins 07:09
    Chin Ups: lats, biceps, forearms, chest, rear delts, core, spinal erectors, glutes

    Military Press: shoulders, traps, triceps, forearms, spinal erectors, hip flexors, quads, hamst...

  • WEDNESDAY: Mixed Workout 2

    Episode 3

    Single stacks with 8 reps

    Stack 2- Back Lying to Single Kneeling
    Pull Overs
    Windshield Wipers
    Ipsi Crawl
    F2B Out To In
    Vertical Twist

    Stack 2- Side Lying to Lunging
    Snow Angel
    Hip Circles
    Heel Grab Under
    Step Grab Under
    Backward Lunge

    Stack 2- Front Lying to Step Up
    Y Arm Crawl
    Glute Blaster

  • THURSDAY: Tyrant Level 2

    Episode 4

    Do as many rounds as possible in 20-minutes using perfect form.

    Warm Up

    Workout starts at 08:42
    V Ups (12 reps)
    T-arm Squats (12 reps)
    Dive Bombers (6 reps)
    Streamline RDL (12 reps)

    Cool Down

  • FRIDAY: Abel Strength Ladders

    Episode 5

    Full Body Workout

    90-Day Warm Up
    Let Me Up / Push Up Ladder (starts: 10:40)
    Pistol Squat Ladder (17:28)
    Chin Up / Military Press Ladder (26:55)
    Bulgarian Split Squat Ladder (33:42)
    Cool Down (40:05)