In this category you'll find a 6-week strength training program for runners. Click the intro to get started. This is an advanced program.

You'll also find separate strength training workouts specifically for swimming and agility. Enjoy!

  • Program for Runners

    7 seasons

    ⏱ 20-45 min
    📆 3-6 x per week, 6 weeks

  • Workout for Swimmers

    3 seasons

    ⏱ 50 min

    This workout is made up of the 3 circuits that each have 3 exercises. Each exercise improves one of the below functions to make you a better swimmer:

    Function A: thoracic spine (mid spine) extension
    Function B: thoracic spine rotation
    Function C: front to back pelvic tiling

  • Strength Training for Agility

    3 seasons

    ⏱ 45 min

    3 circuits with 3 exercises each. All 9 movements improve one of the below functions to allow for faster and more controlled changes in direction.

    Exercise A: torso rotation
    Exercise B: lateral stability
    Exercise C: dynamic stabilization