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8 Seasons

In dieser Collection findest du alle acht 90-Tage Challenge Workouts alphabetisch sortiert.

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  • ANVIL Level 1 (DE)

    Episode 1

    Hip Ups (6 Wdh.)
    Dynamic Squats (22 Wdh.)
    1-arm Let Me Ins or Slow Swimmers (12 Wdh.)
    SL Deadlifts (8 Wdh.)

  • ANVIL Level 2 (DE)

    Episode 2

    Hip Ups to Push Up / Hip Ups (6 Wdh.)
    Dynamic Squat with a Twist (22 Wdh.)
    Let Me Ups or Pointers (12 Wdh.)
    SL RDL (8 Wdh.)

  • ANVIL Level 3 (DE)

    Episode 3

    Hip Up to Bouncing Push Up / Regular Push Up (6 Wdh.)
    Iron Mikes (24 Wdh.)
    Tripod Let Me Ups or Fast Swimmers (12 Wdh.)
    RDL to Squat (5 Wdh.)