QW- Mobility

QW- Mobility

3 Seasons

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QW- Mobility
  • Mobility Rx Workout 2- Round 1

    Episode 1

    Seated Rolls (arms front)
    Straddle Reach (reach up)
    Spider Crawl (crawl and press)
    Gate Swing Complex (arms front)

  • Mobility Rx Workout 2- Round 2

    Episode 2

    Seated Rolls (hands on hips)
    Straddle Reach (with twist)
    Spider Crawl (with elbow lift)
    Gate Swing Complex (hands on hips)

  • Mobility Rx Workout 2- Round 3

    Episode 3

    Seated Rolls (hands behind head)
    Straddle Reach (with twist and pointed toes)
    Spider Crawl (roll and lift)
    Gate Swing Complex (hands behind head)