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Watch this video and more on Mark Lauren On Demand

NFC- Home Workout- All Levels

QUICK WORKOUTS (less than 20 min) • 8m 51s

Up Next in QUICK WORKOUTS (less than 20 min)

  • NFC- Home Workout- Advanced

    Reaching Bodyrocks
    Dynamic Twist Squats
    1-Arm Contra Push Ups
    Iron Mikes
    Skydivers at Y
    High Steps
    One-Legged RDL

  • FIREFLY: S-reach, Starfish Pillar, Sa...

    Full Body Workout (starts 01:40)

    S-reach: shoulder rotators, read delts, traps, spinal erectors, glutes, core

    Starfish Pillar: abs, obliques, serratus, hips flexors, shoulders, triceps, forearms, hip rotators, hip adductors and abductors

    Full Saxon Lunge: hamstrings, glutes, quads, spinal er...

  • RONIN: Push Ups, Let Me Ups, Jump Squats

    Full Body Workout (starts 02:22)
    Equipment: table or barbell hip width, or suspension straps

    Push Ups: chest, shoulders, triceps, core, hip flexors, quads
    Tripod Let Me Ups: lats, read delts, biceps, forearms, spinal erectors, glutes, abs, hamstrings, hip flexors, obliques, quads, shin muscles