Prep Program

Prep Program

8 Seasons

If you're totally new to exercise or haven't trained in a long time, begin with the Prep Program:

This 8 week program combines Bodyweight Rehab, Bodyweight Training 2.0 and the YAYOG workouts to develop the athletic skills most important to your long term success. With 5 short workouts per week, this routine is a great preparation for the 90-Day Challenge.

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Prep Program
  • Step Up with Spiderman - 4S4R

    Episode 1

    4 Single Stacks with 4 reps per exercise (4S4R)

    Long Kneeling Warm Up

    Stack 1 (starts 04:36)
    Dead Bugs
    Hip Swirl
    Stork Stance

    Stack 2 (09:54)
    Glute Hip Ups
    Arm Circle
    Gate Swing

    Stack 3 (15:28)
    Up & Overs
    A Frames
    Cross Step

    Stack 4 (21:37)
    Windshield Wipers
    Saxon Tilt

  • Rehab Side Lying IFE

    Episode 2

    1 Double Stacks with 8 Reps

    Workout starts at 03:05
    Arm Circles
    Hip Circles
    Snow Angels
    Arm Swings
    ITB Leg Lifts

  • Stork Stance with Kickouts- 1D4R

    Episode 3

    1 Double Stack with 4 reps per exercise (1D4R)

    Stack starts at 01:31
    Glute Hip Ups
    Stork Stance

  • Rehab Back Lying IFE

    Episode 4

    1 Double Stack with 8 Reps

    Workout start at 03:12
    T Arm Reach
    Knee & Hip Extension
    Cross Body Draw
    Windshield Wiper
    Pull Over
    Figure 4

  • Hip Hinge with Inch Worm- 4S4R

    Episode 5

    4 Single Stacks with 4 reps per exercise (4S4R)

    Stack 1 (starts 04:59)
    Y Cuff

    Stack 2 (12:04)
    Twist & Reach
    Deep Squat

    Stack 3 (17:23)
    Moose Antlers
    Deep Squat
    1-legged Deadlift

    Stack 4 (22:55)
    Hip Twists
    Vertical Twist
    1-legged RDL