Prep Program

Prep Program

8 Seasons

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⏱ 15 - 30 min
📆 5 x per week, 8 weeks

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Prep Program
  • 2.0 Back Lying Exercises with Warm Up

    Episode 1

    Long Kneeling Warm Up

    Dead Bugs
    Up & Overs
    Glute Hip Ups
    Windshield Wipers

  • Rehab Mixed Workout 3

    Episode 2

    Stack 3- Back Lying to Single Kneeling
    Cross Body Draw
    Figure 4
    Lateral Crawl
    S2S Reaching
    Saxon Tilt

    Stack 3- Side Lying to Lunging
    Arm Swing
    ITB Leg Lift
    Heel Grab Around
    Step Grab Around
    Open Lunge

    Stack 3- Front Lying to Step Up
    Hitch Hiker
    Scorpion Kick
    Pivot Step
    Step Starfish
    Backward St...

  • 2.0 Front Lying Exercises with Warm Up

    Episode 3

    Long Kneeling Warm Up

    Hip Twist
    Y Cuff
    Twist and Reach
    Mose Antlers

  • Rehab Back Lying with Tilting

    Episode 4

    Back Lying Exercises

    Tilting Circuit
    Tutorials- 10:40
    Workout- 11:42
    Slow Swimmers
    Hip Extensions
    Saxon Tilt

    Front to front rolling- 22:03

  • 2.0 Crawling Exercises with Warm Up

    Episode 5

    Dirty Dogs
    Hip Circles
    Straight Wide Leg