• Prep Program (easy)

    12 seasons

    This is the recommended starting point for beginners or anyone coming back from an injury or prolonged break.

    If the Prep Program is too hard, start with Pre-Prep. If it’s too easy, advance to Bodyweight Training 2.0.

    These workouts build on Pre-Prep by progressing to exercises in crawling, kn...

  • Pre-Prep (easiest)

    9 seasons

    The absolute easiest starting point for Mark Lauren On Demand.

    With simple exercises in lying positions, you’ll strengthen your foundation by improving your posture and joint functions, so you can safely progress to the next level.

    ⏱ 10 - 25 min
    📆 5 x per week, 9 weeks
    💪🏽 Posture and Joint Fun...

  • Sorted by Name

    8 seasons

    In these collections you’ll find workouts from the Prep Program. These routines systematically improve the fundamentals of human movement using logical step-by-step progressions that advance from simple to complex.

    Listed below are the athletic fundamentals most essential to your performance and...