Mobility Rx

Mobility Rx

5 Seasons

Dynamic flexibility, postural strength, and improved stress tolerance for men or women. Two 45-minute full body workouts at home with no equipment.

You can combine these workouts with any other program. You can also use Mobility Rx exclusively, 4 days a week, with this schedule-

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Mobility Rx
  • Mobility Rx Workout 1

    Episode 1

    3 rounds with 4 exercises
    Workout starts at- 09:41

    Side Lying Snow Angel
    Isometric Lunge
    Zombie Squats
    Scorpion Complex

  • Mobility Rx Workout 2

    Episode 2

    3 rounds with 4 exercises
    Workouts starts at 09:41

    Seated Rolls
    Straddle Reach
    Spider Crawl
    Gate Swing Complex