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Watch this video and more on Mark Lauren On Demand

Level 3

Eval Level 3 (DE)


Up Next in Woche 4

  • Level 1 Step Up with Spiderman (DE)

    4 Single Stacks mit 4 Wiederholungen per Übung
    Warm Up- Long Kneeling

    Stack 1 (start 04:36)
    Dead Bugs
    Hip Swirl
    Stork Stance

    Stack 2 (09:54)
    Glute Hip Ups
    Arm Circle
    Gate Swing

    Stack 3 (15:28)
    Up & Overs
    A Frames
    Cross Step

    Stack 4 (21:37)
    Windshield Wipers
    Saxon Tilt
    Straddle Step

  • Tyrant Level 3 (DE)

    So viele Runden wie möglich in 22-minuten mit perfekter Form.

    Warm Up

    Workout beginnt 08:26
    Jack Knives (12 Wdh.)
    Speed Squats (18 Wdh.)
    Dive Bombers (6 Wdh.)
    SL RDL to T Arm Squat (8 Wdh.)

    Cool Down

  • Level 1 Squatting with Quad (DE)

    4 Einzelstacks mit 4 Wiederholungen pro Übung

    Long Kneeling Warm Up

    Stack 1 (Beginnt 04:06)
    Leg Lifts
    Kick Outs
    Narrow Squats

    Stack 2 (08:28)
    Side Crunch
    High Kicks
    Narrow Squats

    Stack 3 (13:12)
    Leg Lifts
    Side Kicks
    Wide Squats

    Stack 4 (17:48)
    Side Crunch
    Side Kicks
    Staggered Squats