less than 10 min

less than 10 min

5 Seasons

Ladders, Interval Sets, short Bodyweight Training 2.0 and Rehab, Mobility Rx rounds

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less than 10 min
  • Tutorials- Let Me Up and Push Up

    Episode 1

    Let Me Up

  • Let Me Up and Push Up Ladder

    Episode 2

    Equipment: chair, sturdy desk/table or suspension straps

    Pushing and pulling movements to develop the chest, shoulders, arms, triceps, back, biceps, and forearms.

  • Tutorial- Pistol Squat

    Episode 3

    Deep one-legged squats are possibly the best butt exercise ever invented. Combine this one with glutei hip ups for an exceptional leg and hip workout.

  • Pistol Squat Ladder

    Episode 4

    Pistols develop legs, glutes, and back, while improving ankle and hip mobility

    Equipment: light dumbbells (optional)

  • Tutorials- Chin Up and Military Press

    Episode 5

    Military Press

  • Chin Up and Military Press Ladder

    Episode 6

    Equipment: chair, pull up bar

    This routine will work your shoulders, back, lats, arms, biceps, triceps, and forearms .

  • Tutorial- Bulgarian Split Squat

    Episode 7

    Strengthen and lengthen your entire body with this incredible full body leg exercise. Great for all athletes and people that sit a lot.

  • Bulgarian Split Squat Ladder

    Episode 8

    Equipment: chair, weight (optional)

    This ladder works the legs, glutes, and shoulders, while improving overall mobility.