HIIT Program

HIIT Program

11 Seasons

The elite go past the point of comfort!
⏱ 30 - 55 min
📆 3 x per week, 10 weeks

Floor space only

HIIT Program
  • Focus 15- Legs and Glutes

    Episode 1

    Timed Sets with a Ladder
    Working starts at- 04:53

    Crossover Lunge
    Trailing Squat
    Jumping Lunge
    Glute Bridges
    Saxon Back Lunge
    Lateral Lunge

  • EFX- Workout 3

    Episode 2

    3 Complexes with 3 Exercises Each
    Workouts starts at 07:10

    Streamline Squat
    Tripod Push Up
    Split Squat
    Side Pillar Knee Tuck
    Double Lateral Jump
    Low Lunge
    Pillar Reach

  • Focus 15- Upper Body

    Episode 3

    Timed Sets with a Ladder
    Workout starts at- 04:54

    Wide Grip Push Ups
    Prone Snow Angels
    Square Press and Reach
    Y Cuff
    Hi Staggered Hands Push Ups
    Arm Swings