HIIT Program

HIIT Program

10 Seasons

This 10-week HIIT Program makes use of all the training in this category requiring floor space only. These workouts start at the Intermediate level and progress quickly with 3 workouts per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For an easier routine, use the Quick Workout Program.

HIIT Program
  • Advanced Timed Super Sets Vol. 2

    Episode 1

    Workout starts at 05:53

    Advanced Monkey Squat
    Glute Hip Up
    Dead Bug
    Hip Drop
    Scorpion Kick
    Moon Walk

  • Intermediate Ladders

    Episode 2

    Workout starts at- 05:15

    Side Lunges
    1 legged RDLs
    Push Ups
    Thumbs Up

    Once you can do all exercises with good form at the same pace as Mark, move on to Advanced Ladders.

  • Advanced Circuit Training Vol. 2

    Episode 3

    Workout starts at 10:09

    Peg Leg Squat
    Scorpion Kick with Push Up
    Short Kneeling S Reach
    Starfish Hip Drop