Full Body Workouts

Full Body Workouts

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Use the dropdown menu in this collection to see all the types of full body strength training.

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Full Body Workouts
  • Interval Workout 1: Dive Bombers, Iron Mikes, Pull Ups

    Episode 1

    Equipment: Pull Up bar or door, resistance bands (optional)

    Warm Up: Deadlifts with Starfish Twist

    Dive Bomber Intervals (starts 10:25)
    Iron Mike Intervals (16:40)
    Pull Up Intervals (21:55)

    Cool Down: 1-Legged Deadlifts with Hip Drops (27:00)

  • Interval Workout 2: Let Me Ups, Star Jumpers, Push Ups

    Episode 2

    Equipment: table or barbell hip width, or suspension straps

    Warm Up: RDL's with Starfish Twist

    Tripod Let Me Up (starts 08:55)
    Star Jumper (14:55)
    Starfish Bouncing Push Up (20:05)

    Cool Down: 1-legged RDL's with Starfish Push Ups (25:05)