Full Body Workouts

Full Body Workouts

21 Episodes

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Full Body Workouts
  • Full Body LADDERS 1

    Episode 1

    How to do pulling exercises at home:

    Warm Up Circuit

    Strength Training Ladders:
    Wide and Close Grip Pull Ups and Military Presses
    1-legged Box Squats
    Staggered Let Me Ups and Push Ups
    Bulgarian Split Squats

    Cool Down Circuit

  • Full Body LADDERS 2

    Episode 2

    Warm Up Circuit

    Strength Training Ladders:
    Staggered Pull Ups and Military Presses
    Bulgarian Split Squats
    Wide/Close Let Me Ups and Push Ups
    1-legged Box Squats

    Cool Down Circuit

  • INTERVAL SETS: Pull Up, Dive Bomber, Iron Mike, Crunch

    Episode 3

    Crawling Warm Up

    4 sets with 45 second work and rest intervals

    Pull Ups or S Reach
    Dive Bombers
    Iron Mikes or Jump Squats
    Parallel Leg Crunch

    Cool Down- Alternating A Frames

  • INTERVAL SETS: Let Me Ups, Star Jumpers, Push Ups

    Episode 4

    Equipment: table or barbell hip width, or suspension straps

    Warm Up: RDL's with Starfish Twist

    Tripod Let Me Up (starts 08:55)
    Star Jumper (14:55)
    Starfish Bouncing Push Up (20:05)

    Cool Down: 1-legged RDL's with Starfish Push Ups (25:05)

  • INTERVAL SETS: Push Ups, Let Me Ups, Star Jumpers

    Episode 5

    Side Lying Warm Up

    4 sets x 45s work intervals and 45s rest intervals

    Push Ups
    Let Me Ups
    Star Jumpers

    Cool Down- Straddle Reach

  • Full Body SPEED SETS 1

    Episode 6

    10 x 10 sec. sets with 10 sec. rest intervals per exercise

    Warm Up: 2.0 Front Lying Exercises

    Workout Begins- 06:12
    Let Me Ups: lats, read delts, biceps, forearms, spinal erectors, glutes, abs, hamstrings

    Push Ups: chest, shoulders, triceps, core, hip flexors, quads

    Dynamic Squats: glutes,...

  • Full Body SPEED SETS 2

    Episode 7

    10 x 10 sec. sets with 10 sec. rest intervals per exercise

    Warm Up: 2.0 Back Lying Exercises

    Workout Begins 07:09
    Chin Ups: lats, biceps, forearms, chest, rear delts, core, spinal erectors, glutes

    Military Press: shoulders, traps, triceps, forearms, spinal erectors, hip flexors, quads, hamst...

  • Full Body SUPERSETS 1

    Episode 8

    Workout starts at 02:45

    Warm Up: Jumping Jacks

    Side Lunge with Glute Hip Up
    Contra Press with Hitch Hiker
    Negative Pull Up with Single Arm Cuff
    Mountain Climber with Side V-up

    Cool Down: Hip Rolls

    How to do Pull Ups at home:

  • Full Body SUPERSETS 2

    Episode 9

    Full Body Workout
    Workout Begins at 02:38

    Warm Up: Jumping Jacks

    Cossack Squat (weighted option) with Hip Circle
    Dynamic Push Up with T-arm Crawl
    Let Me In with Y-arm Crawl
    Scorpion Kick with Windshield Wiper

    Cool Down: Hip Rolls

  • Suspension Trainer Workout 1

    Episode 10

    Offset Split Squat
    Straddle Pike
    Pec Fly

  • Suspension Trainer Workout 2

    Episode 11

    Lateral Squat
    Lateral Press
    W Roll with Kickout

  • Full Body Ladders with Agility 1

    Episode 12

    Equipment: sturdy desk or straps, chair, chin up bar, dumbbells (optional)

    90-Day Warm Up

    Push Up & Let Me Up (starts 10:25)
    Pistol Squats (17:15)

    Agility Complex 1 (22:15)
    Windshield Wipers
    ITB Leg Lifts or (ITB Kickouts)
    Step Up Complex

    Watch the exercise tutorials before starting the wor...

  • Full Body Ladders with Agility 2

    Episode 13

    Equipment: sturdy desk or straps, chair, chin up bar, barbell with plates (optional)

    90-Day Warm Up

    Chin Up & Military Press (start 11:45)
    Bulgarian Split Squat (18:40)

    Agility Complex 2 (26:35)
    Short Kneeling Twist Reach
    Alternating Back Lunge
    Dynamic Squats

    Watch the exercise tutorials bef...

  • All Ladders with Agility 3

    Episode 14

    Equipment: straps or sturdy desk, chin up bar, chair, barbell with plates and step up platform (optional)

    90-Day Warm Up

    Let Me Up & Push Up (05:42)
    Pistol Squat (14:15)
    Chin Up & Military Press (20:40)
    Bulgarian Split Squat (30:55)

    Agility Complex 3 (39:53)
    Tripod Push Ups
    Barbell Step Ups

  • All Ladders with Swimmer 1

    Episode 15

    Equipment: chin up bar, chair, sturdy desk or suspension straps

    Back Lying Isolated Floor Exercises

    Chin Up & Military Press (start 16:20)
    Pistol Squat (23:45)
    Push Up & Let Me Up (31:50)
    Bulgarian Split Squat (38:15)

    Swimming Complex 1 (48:40)
    Rehab Pullovers
    Snow Angels
    Pelvic Tilts

    If it's...

  • Full Body Ladders with Swimmer 2

    Episode 16

    Equipment: sturdy desk or suspension straps, chair, dumbbell and bench pullovers (optional)

    Side Lying Isolated Floor Exercises
    Push Up and Let Me Up Ladder (starts 12:35)
    Bulgarian Split Squat Ladder (19:00)
    Swimming Complex 2 (28:55):
    - Prone S Reach
    - Scorpion Kick
    - Dumbbell Pullover

    If it'...

  • Full Body Ladders with Swimmer 3

    Episode 17

    Warm Up (starts 1:47)

    Upper Body Ladder (starts 11:55)
    Let Me Ups and Push Ups

    Lower Body Circuit (starts 15:40)
    Streamline RDL's
    Back Lunge with Twist
    T Arm Squat

    Cool Down

  • Pistol Squat Ladder with Runner 1

    Episode 18

    Equipment: Chair or bench, light weight (optional)

    Warm Up: Cross Steps with Side Kicks

    Pistol Squat Ladder (12:00)
    Running Complex 1 (17:10)
    Dive Bombers
    Hitch Hikers
    Scorpion Kicks

    Cool Down: Straddle Steps with Table Tops (29:20)

  • Push Pull Ladder with Runner 3

    Episode 19

    Warm Up: Rehab Floor Exercises

    Upper Body Ladder (starts 16:10)
    Chin Ups & Military Press

    Lower Body Ladder (23:35)
    Pistol Squats

    Mobility Circuit (31:35):
    - Rollouts
    - Cross Body Draw
    - Streamline Twist


    Episode 20

    9-Minute MIRACLE
    Warm Up: Jumping Jacks
    3 rounds with 3 exercises
    Y Cuffs
    Side Kick
    High Knee Skip or Run

    9-Minute LOVE
    3 rounds with 3 exercises
    DF Glide
    Let Me Ins
    T Arm Squat
    Cool Down: A Frames


    Episode 21

    This workout uses 9-Minute PICKLE as a preparation for 9-Minute HERO.

    Warm Up- 60s High Knee March

    3 rounds at 50/10 intervals:
    Straight Leg Bridge
    Starfish Twist
    Stork Stance

    3 rounds at 60/10 intervals:
    Drop Thrust
    Negative Pull Up/ Fast Swimmer
    Cossack Squat

    Cool Down- Hip Rolls