Focus 15

Focus 15

5 Seasons

3 simple 15 minute options- Upper Body, Total Core, Legs & Glutes for a Total Body Home Workout. These workouts are short but intense! Expect to see these in the Daily Workouts.

Here is your schedule to use Focus 15 exclusively-

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Focus 15
  • Focus 15- Intro

    Episode 1

    Three simple options- Upper Body, Total Core, and Legs & Glutes. This program uses functional movements to develop the strength and endurance.

    Total Core: midsection- abdominals, obliques, hip flexors, and lower back.
    Upper Body: chest, shoulders, back, and arms.
    Legs & Glutes: lower body- q...

  • Focus 15- Upper Body

    Episode 2

    Timed Sets with a Ladder
    Workout starts at- 04:54

    Wide Grip Push Ups
    Prone Snow Angels
    Square Press and Reach
    Y Cuff
    Hi Staggered Hands Push Ups
    Arm Swings

  • Focus 15- Total Core

    Episode 3

    Timed Sets with a Ladder
    Workout starts at- 04:53

    Up and Overs
    Double Hip Ups
    Streamline Scissor Kicks
    Planking Scissor Kicks
    Straddle Curl Ups
    Mountain Climber Variation

  • Focus 15- Legs and Glutes

    Episode 4

    Timed Sets with a Ladder
    Working starts at- 04:53

    Crossover Lunge
    Trailing Squat
    Jumping Lunge
    Glute Bridges
    Saxon Back Lunge
    Lateral Lunge

  • Focus 15- Warm Up

    Episode 5

    Hip Rotations
    Good Mornings
    Trunk Rotations
    Spiderman Complex

  • Focus 15- Cool Down

    Episode 6

    Z Stretch Complex
    Scorpion Twist
    Straddle Reach