Focus 15 DVD

Focus 15 DVD

2 Seasons

15 minute workouts for Upper Body, Legs & Glutes, and Total Core- plus warm up and cool down
⏱ 30 min
πŸ“† 3 x per week, 4 weeks

Floor space only

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Focus 15 DVD
  • Focus 15- Intro

    Episode 1

    Three simple options- Upper Body, Total Core, and Legs & Glutes. This program uses functional movements to develop the strength and endurance.

    Total Core: midsection- abdominals, obliques, hip flexors, and lower back.
    Upper Body: chest, shoulders, back, and arms.
    Legs & Glutes: lower body- q...

  • Focus 15- Schedule

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  • Focus 15- Diary

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