EFX - Elite Functional Exercise

EFX - Elite Functional Exercise

4 Seasons

Training plan: https://marklauren.com/efx-schedule/ - This schedule combines EFX and Mobility Rx into a 5-day a week training program.

These workouts are for our more advanced users. EFX are highly athletic workouts that focus on postural control, so you can move efficiently through all planes of motion.

Train 45 minutes three times a week to completely transform how you look, feel, and move. 27 orthopedically correct, functional, bodyweight exercises that build incredible strength, stability, and postural efficiency for men or women.

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EFX - Elite Functional Exercise
  • EFX - Warm Up

    Episode 1

    Down Dog
    Calf Stretch
    A-Frame Complex
    Arm Swings

  • EFX - Cool Down

    Episode 2

    This Cool Down incorporates passive and isometric stretching to facilitate recovery and quickly.

    Scorpion Twist
    Double Kneeling Front Reach
    Single Kneeling Hamstring Stretch
    Straddle Reach
    Z-Sit and Pigeon Complex