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Watch this video and more on Mark Lauren On Demand

TUESDAY: Level 3 Step Up with Quad

DAILY WORKOUTS 22-28 Nov. (semi-hard) • 37m

Up Next in DAILY WORKOUTS 22-28 Nov. (semi-hard)

  • WEDNESDAY: 9-Minute HERO

    Warm Up:
    High Knee March
    Hip Circles
    Twist and Reach

    Main Body:
    3 rounds with 3 exercises. 60s on/10s off.
    Drop Thrust
    Negative Pull Up/ Fast Swimmers
    Cossack Squat with weighted option

    Cool Down:
    Hip Rolls

    How to do pulling exercises at home:

  • THURSDAY: Level 3 Lunging with Inch Worm

    4 Double Stacks with 4 reps per exercise

    Short Kneeling Warm Up

    Stack 1 (start 05:36)
    Up & Overs
    Stepping Lunge

    Stack 2 (18:45)
    Hip Twists
    Deep Squat
    Side Lunge

    Stack 3 (27:22)
    Dirty Dogs
    Vertical Twist
    Tipsy Steps

    Stack 4 (37:05)
    Kneeling Switch
    Straight Lunge

  • FRIDAY: 9-Minute RONIN

    Semi-Hard. Full Body Strength Training.

    Warm Up- Low Knee March

    9-minute Circuit (starts 03:15)
    Push Ups: chest, shoulders, triceps, core, hip flexors, quads
    Tripod Let Me Ups: lats, read delts, biceps, forearms, spinal erectors, glutes, abs, hamstrings, hip flexors, obliques, quads, shin muscl...