Daily Workouts Nov 11 - 17

Daily Workouts Nov 11 - 17

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Want to be STRONG, LEAN, and AGILE into old age with a minimal sacrifice of energy? If yes, then this program is for you. With weekly updates, this program continuously evolves based on user feedback and my own personal experience. At the age of 42, the Daily Workouts are what I use to train myself, and so far, I'm very happy with the results!

This incredible fitness solution allows me to use all my video content in a very flexible and dynamic way with almost instant feedback from you! Learning has never been faster, and it's all about getting more for less. Performance is efficiency. #whatisvalue #nothingextra

We recommend first completing the 90-Day Challenge to ensure your preparedness.

View the schedule: https://marklauren.com/daily-workout-schedule

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Daily Workouts Nov 11 - 17
  • Ladder Workout 1: Chin Ups, Military Press, Bulgarian Split Squats

    Episode 1

    Equipment: Pull Up bar or door, resistance bands (optional), bench or chair, kettlebell or dumbbell (Backpack with weight)

    Warm Up: Stepping Lunge with Bloomers

    Chin Up and Military Press Ladder (starts 14:05)
    Bulgarian Split Squat Ladder (16:54)

    Cool Down: Side Lunge with Deep Squat (33:20