Daily Workouts July 27-Aug 2

Daily Workouts July 27-Aug 2

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Hooya! - an American Indian war cry meaning 'give me more

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Daily Workouts July 27-Aug 2
  • Cycle 5 Week 6 Schedule

    104 KB

  • Daily Workouts- Diary Week 6

    365 KB

  • Swimming Complex 1

    Episode 1

    1 Complex with 3 exercises

    Rehab Pull Overs
    Snow Angels
    Pelvic Tilt

  • Swimming Complex 2

    Episode 2

    1 Complex with 3 Exercises
    Equipment: bench and dumbbell (optional)

    Prone S Reach
    Prone Scorpion Kick
    Pullovers (this exercise can be replaced with pull ups)

  • Bulgarian Split Squat Ladder

    Episode 3

    Workout starts at 02:38

    If it's your first time, do this workout without additional weight. You can make the bodyweight variation easier by holding your arms straight out in front of yourself. You can also skip the pauses at the bottom, if necessary.

  • 90-Day Cool Down

    Episode 4

    Z Stretch
    Straddle Stretch
    Scorpion Stretch