Daily Workouts 9-15 Nov

Daily Workouts 9-15 Nov

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Hooya! - an American Indian war cry meaning 'Give me more!'

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Daily Workouts 9-15 Nov
  • Step Up with Quad- 4D4R

    Episode 1

    4 Double Stacks with 4 reps per exercise (4D4R)

    Short Kneeling Warm Up

    Stack 1 (start 04:43)
    Glute Hip Ups
    Stork Stance

    Stack 2 (11:50)
    Moose Antlers
    High Kicks
    Gate Swings

    Stack 3 (20:28)
    Side Kicks
    Cross Steps

    Stack 4 (29:15)
    Hip Drops
    Table Tops

  • FIREFLY: S-reach, Starfish Pillar, Saxon Lunge

    Episode 2

    Full Body Workout (starts 01:40)

    S-reach: shoulder rotators, read delts, traps, spinal erectors, glutes, core

    Starfish Pillar: abs, obliques, serratus, hips flexors, shoulders, triceps, forearms, hip rotators, hip adductors and abductors

    Full Saxon Lunge: hamstrings, glutes, quads, spinal er...