Daily Workouts 9-15 Nov

Daily Workouts 9-15 Nov

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Hooya! - an American Indian war cry meaning 'Give me more!'

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Daily Workouts 9-15 Nov
  • Rehab- Front Lying Exercises (single stack)

    Episode 1

    T Arm Crawl
    Abductor Slide
    Y Arm Crawl
    Glute Blaster
    Scorpion Kick

  • SPEED SETS Falcon

    Episode 2

    10 x 10 sec sets with 10 sec rest intervals

    How to do pulling exercises at home:

    Overhand Let Me Ups
    Push Ups
    Dynamic Squats with a Twist
    Front Reaching Bodyrocks
    High Knee Run

  • Rehab- Side Lying Exercises (double stack)

    Episode 3

    Double Stack with 8 Reps

    Snow Angel
    Hip Circles
    Arm Swing
    ITB Leg Lift