Daily Workouts 25-31 May

Daily Workouts 25-31 May

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The Daily Workouts are a collaboration tool. I use old and new content to continuously introduce new training combinations, collect feedback, and learn how to better serve you. Give her a try!

Hooya! - an American Indian war cry meaning 'give me more'

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Daily Workouts 25-31 May
  • Cycle 4 Week 3 Schedule

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  • Daily Workouts- Diary Week 3

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  • 2.0- Warm Up- Short Kneeling

    Episode 1

    This Warm Up takes you through double kneeling, lateral rolling, single kneeling, and standing positions to refine and improve the transitions learned in early childhood.

    For the Short Kneeling position, place the lead foot flat on the ground next to the trailing knee. Get your hips back, hee...

  • Stepping Lunges with Saxon Tilt- 1D8R

    Episode 2

    1 Double Stack with 8 reps per exercise (1D8R)

    Stack starts at 01:53
    Up & Overs
    Saxon Tilt
    Short Kneeling Transitions
    Stepping Lunges

  • Tipsy Steps with Hip Drops- 1D8R

    Episode 3

    1 Double Stack with 8 reps per exercise (1D8R)

    Stack starts at 01:43
    Windshield Wipers
    Starfish Hip Drops
    Short Kneeling Transition
    Tipsy Steps

  • Let Me Up and Push Up Ladder

    Episode 4

    Workout starts at 04:42

    If it's your first time doing this workout, start with the easier variations and progress gradually to the more difficult variations.