Daily Workouts 21-27 Dec.

Daily Workouts 21-27 Dec.

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The Daily Workouts are a continuously updated mix of all our content, plus new workouts.

Give us feedback after each of your workouts in the comments. Hooya! - an American Indian war cry meaning 'Give me more!'

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Daily Workouts 21-27 Dec.
  • Cycle 1: Week 3

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  • Diary Week 3

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    Daily Workouts

  • 2.0 Level 3: Squatting with Spiderman

    Episode 1

    4 Double Stacks with 4 Reps per Exercise (4D4R) with Long Kneeling

    Stack 1 (start 04:44)
    Dead Bugs
    Arm Circles
    Narrow Squats

    Stack 2 (13:10)
    Y Cuffs
    A Frames
    Wide Squats

    Stack 3 (22:20)
    Hip Circles
    A Frames
    Staggered Squats

    Stack 4 (30:29)
    Side Crunch
    Saxon Tilt
    Lateral Sq...

  • Tripod Let Me Up Intervals

    Episode 2

    Equipment: table or barbell hip width, or suspension straps

    Tripod Let Me Ups (starts 01:19)