Daily Workouts 16-22 March

Daily Workouts 16-22 March

6 Seasons

This is a continuously evolving exercise routine that makes use of all the content at Mark Lauren On Demand. We use this program to introduce new workout combinations on a daily basis, gather user feedback, and improve all of our content. Give it a try! Our job is to keep you STRONG and HEALTHY.

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Daily Workouts 16-22 March
  • EFX- Warm Up

    Episode 1

    Down Dog
    Calf Stretch
    A-Frame Complex
    Arm Swings

  • EFX Workout 1- Complex 1

    Episode 2

    1 Complex with 3 Exercises
    Workout starts at 02:50

    T Squat
    Jump Slide

  • EFX- Cool Down

    Episode 3

    This Cool Down incorporates passive and isometric stretching to facilitate recovery and quickly.

    Scorpion Twist
    Double Kneeling Front Reach
    Single Kneeling Hamstring Stretch
    Straddle Reach
    Z-Sit and Pigeon Complex