Daily Workouts 12-18 October

Daily Workouts 12-18 October

6 Seasons

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Hooya! - an American Indian war cry meaning 'Give me more!'

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Daily Workouts 12-18 October
  • Back Lying to Squatting- 4S6R

    Episode 1

    4 Single Stacks with 6 Reps

    Back Lying- Inch Worm- Side Kneeling- Squatting arms at T

    Stack 1 (starts 5:16)
    Glute Hip Ups legs straight
    Narrow Squats

    Stack 2
    Up and Over legs straight
    Deep Squats
    Wide Squats

    Stack 3
    Windshield Wipers legs straight
    Vertical Twist
    Staggered Squats


  • Burpees Circuit 2

    Episode 2

    Workout starts 01:45
    T Arm Squat to RDL
    Slow Swimmers

  • 90-Day Cool Down

    Episode 3

    Z Stretch
    Straddle Stretch
    Scorpion Stretch