Daily Workouts February 10-16

Daily Workouts February 10-16

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We recommend completing the 90-Day Challenge or 8 week program for Bodyweight Training 2.0 before beginning these Daily Workouts.

Need tips for doing pulling exercises at home?
Horizontal pulling exercises - https://marklauren.com/blog/tips-tools/let-me-ups-let-me-ins/
Vertical pulling exercises - https://marklauren.com/blog/tips-tools/pull-ups-chin-ups/

With weekly updates, this program continuously evolves based on user feedback and my own personal experience. This incredible fitness solution allows me to use all my video content in a very flexible and dynamic way with almost instant feedback from you!

Use the dropdown menu to find all the workouts for the week. View the schedule at https://marklauren.com/daily-workout-schedule

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Daily Workouts February 10-16
  • 2.0- Warm Up- Side Kneeling

    Episode 1

    This Warm Up takes you through double kneeling, lateral rolling, single kneeling, and standing positions to refine and improve the transitions learned in early childhood.

    Side Kneeling transition- from an extended double kneeling positions, fully extend your left leg to your left side, push y...

  • Side Lunges with Deep Squats- 1D8R

    Episode 2

    1 Double Stack with 8 reps per exercise (1D8R)

    Stack starts at 01:36
    Glute Hip Ups
    Deep Squats
    Short Kneeling Transitions
    Side Lunges