DAILY WORKOUTS (semi-hard)

DAILY WORKOUTS (semi-hard)

I put this custom blend of content together weekly with the help of your feedback. The difficulty of these training weeks fluctuate between moderate to hard.

Leave a comment after each of your workouts. "Hooya!" is an American Indian war cry meaning 'Give me more!'

DAILY WORKOUTS (semi-hard)
  • MONDAY: Supersets Alpha

    Full Body Workout

    Side Lunge with Glute Hip Up (starts at: 1:20)
    Contra Press with Hitch Hiker (14:00)
    Negative Pull Up with Single Arm Cuff (25:00)
    Mountain Climber with Side V-up (35:!5)

    How to do Pull Ups at home:

  • TUESDAY: Strength and Stamina

    Warm Up (starts 1:47)

    Upper Body Ladder (starts 11:55)
    Let Me Ups and Push Ups

    Lower Body Circuit (starts 15:40)
    Streamline RDL's
    Back Lunge with Twist
    T Arm Squat

    Cool Down

  • WEDNESDAY: Lvl 2 Crawling to Hip Hinge (NEW)

    Long Kneeling Warm Up

    Stack 1 (starts 04:25)
    Hip Circles- Arm Circles- Long Kneeling- Deadlifts

    Stack 2 (10:15)
    Dirty Dogs- A Frames- Long Kneeling- RDL's

    Stack 3 (16:20)
    Pointers- Saxon Tilt- Long Kneeling- 1-legged Deadlifts

    Stack 4 (22:05)
    Straight Wide Leg- A Frames- Long Kneeling- 1-le...

  • THURSDAY: Strength and Mobility

    Warm Up: Rehab Floor Exercises

    Upper Body Ladder (starts 16:10)
    Chin Ups & Military Press

    Lower Body Ladder (23:35)
    Pistol Squats

    Mobility Circuit (31:35):
    - Rollouts
    - Cross Body Draw
    - Streamline Twist

  • FRIDAY: Supersets Bravo

    Full Body Workout

    Cossack Squat (weighted option) with Hip Circle (starts at:1:25)
    Dynamic Push Up with T-arm Crawl (11:38)
    Let Me In with Y-arm Crawl (22:25)
    Scorpion Kick with Windshield Wiper (33:25)

  • SATURDAY: Rehab 1

    Single stacks with 8 reps

    Rolling Warm Up

    Stack 1- Back Lying to Single Kneeling
    T-Arm Reach
    Knee and Hip Extensions
    Contra Crawl

    Stack 1- Side Lying to Lunging
    Heel Grab
    Ipsi Step Grab
    Forward Lunge

    Stack 1- Front Lying to Step Up
    T Arm Crawl