Bodyweight Training 2.0

Bodyweight Training 2.0

9 Seasons

Training plan:

For all around preparedness and health, and getting familiar with Bodyweight Training 2.0 we recommend this exclusive training plan.

If I could only use one program for the rest of my life, it would be this one! 2.0 systematically develops the athletic fundamentals essential to sports performance and injury resistance. To stay in great shape, you need to strengthen your foundation. These workouts improve strength, mobility, posture, and coordination, and they are the backbone of the Daily Workouts.

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Bodyweight Training 2.0
  • Lunging with Starfish - 4S6R

    Episode 1

    4 Single Stacks with 6 reps per exercise (4S6R)

    Side Kneeling Warm Up

    Stack 1 (start 05:12)
    Leg Lifts
    Starfish Twist
    Stepping Lunge

    Stack 2 (11:22)
    Moon Walk
    Starfish Hip Drop
    Tipsy Step

    Stack 3 (17:24)
    Side Crunch
    Starfish Push Up
    Side Lunge

    Stack 4 (23:42)
    Hip Drops