Bodyweight Rehab

Bodyweight Rehab

6 Seasons

These workouts are a great choice for active recovery, warm ups, or the easiest possible starting point for your training. These movements duplicate natures progression with workouts that improve isolated functions of the joints and transitions between lying and standing positions. These are the skills essential to your long-term well-being. Enjoy!

For an easy on-ramp to your fitness journey, try this schedule-

If you need a week of active recovery, try this-

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Bodyweight Rehab
  • Rehab Back Lying IFE

    Episode 1

    1 Double Stack with 8 Reps

    Workout start at 03:12
    T Arm Reach
    Knee & Hip Extension
    Cross Body Draw
    Windshield Wiper
    Pull Over
    Figure 4

  • Rehab Side Lying IFE

    Episode 2

    1 Double Stacks with 8 Reps

    Workout starts at 03:05
    Arm Circles
    Hip Circles
    Snow Angels
    Arm Swings
    ITB Leg Lifts

  • Rehab Front Lying IFE

    Episode 3

    1 Double Stack with 8 Reps

    Workout starts at 03:07
    T Arm Crawl
    Abductor Slide
    Y Arm Crawl
    Glute Blaster
    Scorpion Kick