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Sorted by Name

5 Seasons

The Pre-Prep and Prep Program workouts are mainly from this collection.

In the dropdown menu below, you'll find the workouts sorted by name, in case you want to make your own routine.

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Sorted by Name
  • Rehab Twisting Circuit

    Episode 1

    Easy. Full Body Workout

    Single Arm Reach: shoulders, scapular muscles, neck, core, glutes

    Vertical Twist: glutes, core, shoulders, upper back, hamstrings, quads

    Windshield Wipers: abs, hip flexors, obliques, rear delts, mid to lower traps

  • Rehab Reaching Circuit

    Episode 2

    Easy. Full Body Workout

    Thumbs Up: rear delts, mid to lower traps, shoulder rotators, spinal erectors, glutes, core

    Pointer: shoulders, scapular muscles, spinal erectors, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, abs, neck

    S Reach: shoulder rotators, read delts, traps, spinal erectors, glutes, core, neck

  • Rehab Tilting Circuit

    Episode 3

    Easy. Full Body Workout

    Slow Swimmers: spinal erectors, neck, core, shoulders, scapular muscles, butt, hamstrings

    Hip Extensions: glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, shin muscles, abs, lower back

    Saxon Tilt: obliques, abs, glutes, hamstrings, spinal erectors, shoulders, mid to lower traps, tric...