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In these collections you’ll find workouts from the Prep Program. These routines systematically improve the fundamentals of human movement using logical step-by-step progressions that advance from simple to complex.

Listed below are the athletic fundamentals most essential to your performance and injury resistance:
- Posture
- Joint functions
- Weight shifting
- Developmental movements

Below is a breakdown of the workout categories and a brief description of each.

Transitions between lying positions are the simplest form of weight shifting. Learning to roll efficiently, improves balance and coordination by teaching you to move your arms and legs around a properly aligned spine.

Floor Exercises
All the functions of your hips, spine, and shoulders are trained in Back Lying, Side Lying, and Front Lying positions. Your posture and mobility is improved by challenging you to move your limbs through full ranges of motion while maintaining ideal spinal alignment, which is easiest while lying on the floor.

Kneeling Workouts
Floor Exercises, Crawling Exercises, and Kneeling Exercises are combined to strengthen your posture, joint functions, control of weight shifting, and transitions between lying and single kneeling positions.

Lunging Workouts
Exercises in lying, crawling, kneeling, and standing positions are combined to further challenge you athletic fundamentals.

Step Up Workouts
Lying, crawling, and kneeling movements progress to a tall standing position on a single leg.

Mixed Workouts
These sessions combine all the movement categories, so you can get a taste of each in a single workout. These workouts do not include tutorials.

9-Minute Workouts
This section is made up of three workouts that each have 3 exercises, which are repeated for 3 rounds. The Twisting Circuit improves rotation, the Tilting Circuit strengthens lateral stability, and the Reaching Circuit challenges you to maintain good posture while moving your arms around your spine.

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Sorted by Name