Level I

Level I

13 Seasons

Watch the 90-Day Intro and get started with the level 1 Evaluation. Check the schedule for your next workout. If these workouts are too hard for you, begin with the Prep Program.

For some workouts, you need to know how to do pulling exercises at home:
Horizontal pulling exercises - https://marklauren.com/blog/tutorials/let-me-ups/
Vertical pulling exercises - https://marklauren.com/blog/tutorials/pull-ups/

For programs that require floor space only, use Bodyweight Training 2.0 and the High Intensity Interval Training category.

Use the dropdown menu to find all 13-weeks of training.

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Level I
  • 90-Day Schedule

    182 KB

  • Eval Lvl 1

    Episode 1

    Equipment: door and towel, or suspension straps
    Timed Sets
    Workout starts at- 07:01

    Let Me Ins
    Scissor Kicks

  • Tyrant Lvl 1

    Episode 2

    Do as many rounds as possible.
    Workout starts at- 09:25

    Hips Up
    Zombie Squats
    RDLs at T

  • Hammer Lvl 1

    Episode 3

    Timed Sets
    Workout starts at- 07:13

    Scorpion High Kick
    RDL's at T
    Streamline Back Lunge