Level III

Level III

14 Seasons

⏱ 30 min
📆 3-5 x per week, 13 weeks
✔️ Weight Loss, Strength

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Level III
  • Hammer Lvl 3

    Episode 1

    Timed Sets
    Workout starts at- 06:27

    Scorpion Over Kick
    1-legged RDL's with Twist
    Skydivers Arms at Y
    Full Saxon Back Lunge

  • Anvil Lvl 3

    Episode 2

    Circuit Training
    Workout starts at- 11:35

    Hip Ups with Bounce
    Iron Mikes
    Fast Swimmers
    SL RDL to T Arm Squat

  • 2.0 Level 1: Hip Hinge with Inch Worm

    Episode 3

    4 Single Stacks with 4 reps per exercise (4S4R)

    Stack 1 (starts 04:59)
    Y Cuff

    Stack 2 (12:04)
    Twist & Reach
    Deep Squat

    Stack 3 (17:23)
    Moose Antlers
    Deep Squat
    1-legged Deadlift

    Stack 4 (22:55)
    Hip Twists
    Vertical Twist
    1-legged RDL

  • Burner Lvl 3

    Episode 4

    Do as many rounds as possible with perfect form.
    Workout starts at 9:20

    Straight Leg Bridge
    Speed Squats
    Starfish Bounce/Starfish PU
    Full Saxon Back Lunge

  • Joker Lvl 3

    Episode 5

    Do as many rounds as possible with good form
    Workout starts at- 11:55

    Iron Mikes
    Jack Knives
    T-arm Squat to SL RDL
    Hip Ups with Bounce