Level I

Level I

14 Seasons

⏱ 30 min
📆 3-5 x per week, 13 weeks
✔️ Weight Loss, Strength

Level I
  • Eval Lvl 1

    Episode 1

    Timed Sets
    Workout starts at- 06:25

    Slow Swimmers
    Tripod Scissor Kicks
    Dynamic Squats

  • Opus Lvl 1

    Episode 2

    Circuit Training
    Workout starts at- 8:15

    Parallel Leg Crunch
    Zombie Squats
    Starfish Twist
    Skydivers Arms at Side/ Thumbs Up

  • Rehab Kneeling Workout: Part 3

    Episode 3

    Workout begins 02:35

    Cross Body Draw
    Figure 4
    Lateral Crawl
    S2S Reaching
    Saxon Tilt

  • Ruckus Lvl 1

    Episode 4

    Do as many rounds as possible with good form
    Workout starts at- 08:00

    Back Lunge at Streamline
    Tripod Scissor Kicks
    1-legged RDL's T
    Single Arm Reach

  • Tyrant Lvl 1

    Episode 5

    Do as many rounds as possible with good form.
    Workout starts at- 09:25

    Zombie Squats
    Streamline Deadlifts