6-week Running Program

6-week Running Program

6 Seasons

⏱ 20-45 min
📆 3-6 x per week, 6 weeks

This program requires floor space only.

This routine schedules 6 workouts per week. To train just 3 days a week, use the workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are optional active recovery that include recommended runs.

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6-week Running Program
  • Running Schedule

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  • 2.0 Level 4: Lunging with Spiderman

    Episode 1

    4 single stacks with 8 reps per exercise (4S8R)

    Stack 1 (starts 04:14)
    Twist and Reach
    Spiderman Arm Circles
    Long Kneeling (arms at SL)
    Stepping Lunges

    Stack 2 (starts 11:38)
    Y Cuffs with rotation
    Spiderman A-Frames
    Long Kneeling (arms at SL)
    Side Lunges SL

    Stack 3 (starts 19:19)
    Hip Twi...

  • Rehab Front Lying with Reaching

    Episode 2

    Front Lying Exercises

    Reaching Circuit
    Tutorials- 10:10
    Workout- 11:35
    Thumbs Up
    S Reach

    Back to Back Rolling 21:24

  • Strength Training for Runners

    Episode 3

    This workout is made up of the 3 circuits that each have 3 bodyweight exercises, plus a High Knee Drill. Each bodyweight exercise improves one of three functions below to make you a better runner:

    Exercise A: improve ankle mobility for better foot strikes
    Exercise B: increase flexibility mid thi...

  • Rehab Back Lying with Tilting

    Episode 4

    Back Lying Exercises

    Tilting Circuit
    Tutorials- 10:40
    Workout- 11:42
    Slow Swimmers
    Hip Extensions
    Saxon Tilt

    Front to front rolling- 22:03

  • 2.0 Level 4: Squatting with Inch Worm

    Episode 5

    4 Single Stacks with 8 Reps per Exercise (4S8R) with Short Kneeling

    Stack 1 (start 05:05)
    Dirty Dog
    Narrow Squat

    Stack 2 (15:27)
    Hip Circles
    Deep Squat
    Wide Squat

    Stack 3 (23;09)
    Vertical Twist
    Staggered Squat

    Stack 4 (32:09)
    Straight Wide Leg
    Kneeling Switch
    Lateral Squat

  • Rehab Front Lying Exercises (double)

    Episode 6

    Double Stack with 8 Reps

    T Arm Crawl
    Abductor Slide
    Y Arm Crawl
    Glute Blaster
    Hitch Hiker
    Scorpion Kick